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005/01/2023 7:25

After scripting their free teleprompter​, a lot of people immediately
assume that the teleprompter is the best way of delivering that video. The reality is it can be a lot
harder than you might think, and there's a lot more to consider when deciding if you should
use a teleprompter or not. In this video I'm going
to reveal my secrets for writing and delivering
my scripts on a weekly basis so that you can choose
what is best for you. I'm Amanda Horvath and I'm all
about helping business owners and entrepreneurs leverage
the power of video without breaking the bank or
taking up tons of their time. So if you're looking to use video in your strategy this year, then be sure to subscribe
and click the bell to be notified every time
I release a new video. I've been releasing one video
per week for over a year now and along the way I've tested
several different tactics for writing, outlining and
even winging my videos.

So before we dive into the
teleprompter specifically, let's start with writing your script. Tip one, consider outlining. When I first started
with this YouTube thing, I was scripting every single video and it was the longest
part of the entire process and it was the biggest
bottleneck for me as well. I would look at these other people that were creating more
consistent videos than me and was just entirely confused
at how they were doing it. There was no way I could
produce more content based solely on scripting alone. I'm talking three to four
hours to write one script, now that's not sustainable.

I then went to VidSummit which
is a conference for YouTubers and realized that you shouldn't
be scripting your videos, you should actually outline
them and wing it from there. So ever since getting that advice, that's what I've been doing. On the other hand, I recently
recorded over 15 videos for an online course and I found that scripting them word for word made the content more
succinct and to the point.

Because it was paid content,
I wanted to be very particular about what I shared and
what I didn't share. That way I didn't forget anything and I didn't overwhelm my audience with more than they should know. Now this brings us to you, should you script or outline your videos? If you are new, I highly suggest starting by scripting your videos. When you get on camera for the first time, it can be very overwhelming,
the newness of it all, and so if you have exactly
what you're going to say or at least a paraphrased version of what you're going to say, this is going to be a lot better than having to worry
about what you're saying in addition to learning a new skill. Now if you're comfortable on camera, then it really comes down to how consistent you're
looking to be with these videos. If you're looking to
release one video per week, kinda like I am, then you're
definitely going to want to move towards outlining
as soon as possible. Now if you're just filming one video or maybe a batch of videos
for an online course, then scripting is likely your best choice.

Tip number two, deliver in chunks. When it comes to delivering your script, you certainly do not
wanna have to memorize it, that is a lot of work. So instead, I want you
to deliver it in chunks. So what you're going to do
is you're going to say it one line at a time or a
couple sentences at a time and you'll do that over and over again until you feel like you've nailed that portion of the script. Then you can move on to the next section. When it comes to editing,
there are two different options of how you might be able to
stitch this all together. Now if you're shooting in 4K, which I highly recommend if you can, you don't have to have a
high end camera to do this, you can actually shoot
in 4K on your iPhone. So if you're doing a video on your phone, be sure to change it to
4K at 24 frames per second and then you can add crop
in and crop outs like that to hide whenever you're
transitioning between thoughts. You see me do this a lot in my videos and now you know why I'm doing it.

It also helps keeping up
the pace of your video so that it doesn't get boring, things are constantly changing on-screen. Now if you're shooting in 1080p, say you have a DSLR camera
that does not have 4K, then you are going to
have jump cuts instead. Now these are not a big deal, they're just kind of a stylized version. So if you're okay with having jump cuts, then you can totally have that. Or alternatively, you
could shoot some B-roll that will hide your edits
and B-roll is the footage that goes over an interview. So say you're talking about something, well, you could show that
something to just get B-roll, some several clips clipped together and wherever that edit is happening, you put the footage over that so that you're not seeing the transition between the two clips that
you've sliced together. Hopefully that makes sense. Hey, do me a favor, if you're
finding value in this video, be sure to click that like
button and drop a comment below.

I appreciate you so very much. Tip three, use teleprompter if scripting. One of the hardest parts
of using a teleprompter is that you really do have to
have your script dialed in. Usually what happens is
that you get your script on the teleprompter and then
it totally needs to be changed, and that can be really
frustrating when you're recording because it's going to
take you a lot more time when you have to go
back and fix the script.

On the other hand, if you can successfully
read your scripts out loud from your computer screen before putting it on the teleprompter without needing to change any words, then the teleprompter it's
going to save you tons of time. It's important to note that when you're reading
off of a teleprompter, it can take a little bit of time to learn how to do it naturally, but once you've learned
it, you'll be on a roll. When I was recording my
online course videos, I was able to film nine videos in one day by using the teleprompter, so you can see how it
can save you tons of time and make you super efficient
during the filming process.

And just for fun, I'm using a teleprompter to record this video, can you tell? Go ahead and drop a comment below. So what teleprompter do I recommend? The Parrot Teleprompter
is my absolute favorite. I have bought another
teleprompter for about $500 while I think this one sits around 150 and I use this one a ton more. That's because it's tiny and
it takes no time to setup. You also have to buy a remote in order for this to truly work because when you're reading your script, you want to be able to
speed up and slow it down depending on different portions and speed that you'll want to use in different portions of the script. So I recommend the Ikan Remote, Parrot also has a remote
but in my opinion, I found it to be very glitchy and often can throw off
the production process while this one is super smooth.

05/01/2023 7:25No
Marcador de posición de imagen: sistemas paipa
  • sistemas paipa
225/11/2020 9:05

A partir de la fecha los visitantes a ​podrán participar en foros virtuales de opinión que la Administración Municipal planteará inicialmente sobre temas de alto impacto para el mejoramiento del nuevo sitio web del Municipio en beneficio de la comunidad en general.

Queremos iniciar este proceso consultando precisamente a nuestros visitantes y usuarios sobre los temas que consideran relevantes para incluir en nuestro nuevo sitio web.

Objetivo: Conocer la percepción de los usuarios que demandan trámites y servicios de La Alcaldía Municipal de Paipa Boyacá a través del sitio web y recoger propuestas para el mejoramiento del mismo.

Condiciones de participación: Pueden participar en el foro todos los usuarios y visitantes en general que requieran consultar a través del portal web del Municipio y acceder a los trámites y servicios.

Decisión que se busca tomar: Recolectar opiniones para generar ajustes que conduzcan a satisfacer las necesidades de los usuarios del portal web que consultan información.

Tiempo de duración: un (1) mes

Fecha de inicio: 25 de Noviembre de 2020 

Fecha de finalización: 25 de Diciembre de 2020

Memorias del foro: Con la información recolectada se realizará la evaluación de la misma y se establecerá un plan de mejoramiento orientado a implementar los ajustes que se consideren convenientes y que no vayan en contra de las decisiones de alto nivel previamente tomadas durante la ejecución del proyecto.

25/11/2020 9:05No
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  • Soporte Desarrollo 101
120/11/2020 16:42

​Prueba ​

Soporte Desarrollo 10120/11/2020 16:43No
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